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How To Taper Off Alcohol Risks of Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey

Staffed by medical professionals, these programs offer 24-hour monitoring so you always have support if any complications arise. This condition most often occurs when someone who has long-term alcohol dependence stops drinking cold turkey. But if heavy drinkers cut back on their average number of drinks too quickly, they may be at risk of life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

As with many self-detox methods, the risks and rewards go hand in hand when attempting to overcome an alcohol substance use disorder. But, with a little prior knowledge on how to taper off alcohol, adequate planning and professional consultation from a healthcare provider, it can certainly be done. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms range in severity depending on how extensive the misuse behavior was.

Adjust Your Taper

It is sometimes possible to taper your alcohol use at home if your AUD isn’t severe. Although, you’ll need support if you want to successfully and safely taper at home. Addiction experts have not conducted many studies on alcohol tapering, as tapering is not considered the ideal way to quit alcohol. As a result, little information is available regarding the best way to taper. That said, some independent groups have stepped in, publishing sample tapering schedules to guide people trying to cut back on drinking.

how to taper off alcohol

When done under medical supervision, tapering off alcohol has few downsides. However, tapering can sometimes be unsafe if you attempt to do so on your own without a doctor’s knowledge. For example, if you start to suffer from alcohol withdrawal symptoms despite an attempt to taper, your symptoms may worsen before you have the chance to seek medical attention.

How Long Does it Take to Taper Off Alcohol?

A direct taper means drinking the regular substance of choice but lowering the amount consumed daily. Someone should typically only direct taper if their drink of choice is beer with a low alcohol how to taper off alcohol percentage. In some cases, medications may be administered to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. These medications are prescribed and managed by healthcare providers.

how to taper off alcohol

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