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How to Create a Messaging App: Cost Estimation of Messaging App Development

This element is popular for a reason, as it allows people to connect passively with multiple other contacts with a single post. Atman Rathod is the Founding Director at CMARIX Technolabs Pvt. Ltd., a leading web and mobile app development company with 17+ years of experience. In this section, you need to determine the value you are providing your customers with.

How to make a Messaging Application

Native app development essentially means building different apps for each operating system. To build a chat app for iOS natively you’ll need developers experienced in Objective-C or Swift. WebSockets and make up another popular approach to building real-time communication functionality like chat. provides a browser-based JavaScript client library that connects to a Node.js server over the WebSocket protocol. Additionally, does not offer additional features out of the box, such as data persistence. As with Firebase, can be an interesting tool to tinker with, but when it comes to developing a scalable commercial chat app, better purpose-built options exist.

How to Create a Messaging App: Vital Considerations & Tech Stacks

Users drag messages to the left to see timestamps, for example, press and hold a message to access reactions, and drag a conversation to the left to mute or delete it. It is hard to create a product on the same level as the giants like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger in in this highly competitive market. As a startup project, your messaging app should have minimum functions to be validated.

Ensure that your messaging app automatically accesses the user’s existing contacts (with permission) and imports them to the app. You can also allow users to invite their contacts via a single click. If this seems a bit complicated to implement, we recommend you outsource app development talents who are capable and can help you build it. Can you imagine that approximately 23 billion text messages are sent per day all across the world? As more and more people are taking to smartphones, they are also using messaging apps to stay connected and fulfill different purposes. For example, some use messaging apps to communicate with their peers and grow academically, whereas businesses use these apps to get in touch with their clients.


When coronavirus started in China in 2020, the app censored all messages about it. Being such a huge messaging app, WhatsApp fails to protect user privacy and deal with security issues. And lastly, you need to consider the initial cost of developing a chat app and that’s what we are going to talk about next. Ensuring a seamless user experience across various platforms and devices is challenging.

How to make a Messaging Application

It is all about old-school texting, now with images, videos, snaps, sounds and documents. Look through dozens of chat interfaces designs available online to get inspired and determine what colors, fonts, buttons to use. A development company you partner with can also help you with chat app design trends.

#2. Message Flow

Following this, you can better curate your app features and offer personalized experiences to suit your customer needs. Jump right into the article and get started with learning how you can create a never-before-seen chat application. We recommend that you validate your idea and determine the size of your
project (MVP or full version).

How to make a Messaging Application

However, when you create a chat app from scratch, you’ll likely end up with one of the other monetization strategies, at least intermittently. The messaging app market has unrealized functions and experiences that the clients will be fully engaged with. Any software development consists of special services like UX/UI design, Architecture planning, iOS development, Android development, Backend development, Quality Assurance, etc. Before you proceed with the actual development of the messaging app, consider the following challenges on the way and further.

Messaging App Development: How to Create a Chat App like WhatsApp

Messaging apps are inherently so challenging, complex, and simultaneously so simple that it could drastically change one’s perspective on limits of software engineering. For a simple app with limited features, you could expect to pay around $5,000-$10,000. To execute it correctly, you should hire app developers in India. They will get it done right without compromising the app’s performance. For example, you could give users a chance to win a prize if they complete a task or reach a certain level.

At the time of writing 2 billion users were using the WhatsApp messaging service on a daily basis. Its user and penetration is especially strong in countries outside of those in the United States and it is one of the most downloaded social media apps on mobile across the globe. If you want to meet new people the old-fashioned way, Slowly lets you do just that. The app multi messenger app allows you to make an anonymous profile, complete with Wii style avatar, and find people to chat with based on similar interests. For the retro-obsessed who dislike the soullessness of instant messaging, Slowly caters to that desire for tailored words at a slower pace. Plus, the app awards stamps and trophies for leasing in different countries to keep you motivated.

How to сreate a messaging app in 2023: features, cost & timeline

However, it’s more about what you spend the raised capital on rather than how much you raised. Check our Vision to Traction System that helps our partners launch successful digital products. Let’s talk about the challenges of creating a messaging app and how you can tackle them. Other users can track their friends’ location on a map in real time.

  • When the product is complete and fully meets its specifications, the development team releases it to the public—on App Store or Google Play, depending on the platform.
  • As a recent strategic change, Facebook launched the WhatsApp Business application and API allowing businesses to integrate WhatsApp for business purposes.
  • They provide users with a convenient and efficient means of communication.
  • Will development outsourcing save from falling behind struggling competition financially?
  • We recommend that you validate your idea and determine the size of your
    project (MVP or full version).
  • While social networks may be packed with terabytes of meaningless data and memes, messengers help focus and discuss the essential things only.

The best messaging apps provide a cohesive experience so simple and intuitive that end users don’t necessarily notice individual features. Where other types of apps use multiple pages and navigation menus, great chat apps usually just open a keyboard below a message window, so each feature feels like an intrinsic part of the whole. Another decision product teams face early on is whether to build or buy chat functionality. Facebook Messenger is a popular app for instant messaging and sharing videos, pictures, etc. Recently, due to the blocking of many popular instant messengers in some countries, people have started to look for other, newer communication solutions.


Mentions (who doesn’t love a good @here?), reactions, emojis, and nice clean conversation threads all work together to give Slack users a polished, professional experience. Obviously, the critical functionality is chatting itself, whether it’s video or audio chats. Today, we can bank, chat, shop, track orders, consume news, work, and do other exciting things — all through messengers. No wonder many businesses see building a chat app as a natural way to address their customers’ needs. As an alternative to SMS messages, WhatsApp became the second chat app globally for being secure, private, and reliable.

Hacking activities, data stealing and identity theft can not be overlooked and a chat app must be trusted. Most of messengers already require mobile phone number verification to register. For better data protection, some messaging apps use end-to-end encryption (e.g. E2EE, meaning only users communicating with each other can read the messages). According to similar projects we have made, the estimated cost of development is about $85.000 for a full cycle of development.

During this stage
you should choose the team for a development, define essential and optional
features, convey market research, and build a prototype. After completing this
discovery phase, you will have a greater understanding of your core
objectives, audience, scope, and challenges. Such an
approach helps to gain trust and build a big audience rather quickly. A critical
vulnerability that was found there led to automated account takeovers (ATOs)
and data breaches. Additionally, as Slack is the overwhelming leader in AppStore “integrations,”
it also exposes them. There have been cases where an attacker has created a
Slack add-on that advertises some excellent features and reads channel data
once end-users install the app.

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